Higher Flower CBD was started back in 2016 with the idea of bringing natural pain relievers to a more prominent place.  The owner was having shoulder surgery and was not interested in the effects that have been documented with the use of pharmaceuticals.  He was involved in sports from high school and through college.  All athletes have pains and aches.  The common relief was that of a pill.  After college, he began experimenting with CBD and their healing properties.  Creating the products now being offered by Higher Flower.

The product worked so well that they were shared with loved ones. Loved ones who benefited from this product…from simple muscle aches and pains, sunburns, skin rashes … all the way to cancer pain. Friends and family were the ones who encouraged the creation of this small business to be able to help others.  These topicals have developed over time and expanded from the muscle balm to include other products as well staying true natural ingredients.  Higher Flower was created because we have helped so many friends and family and would like to continue helping others to live the best quality of life that they can. 

Higher Flower proudly provides a blend of ingredients that help with the pain.  There are no side effects commonly found with the use of prescription medication. The ingredients are all natural with CBD being the main ingredient at a higher concentration than most CBD products currently available on the market.  Every product is handmade to ensure the quality does not diminish. 

Although a small business, Higher Flower is not small at heart.  The goal is to reach out and touch as many as possible to help people be as pain free as they can be.  We want everyone to live life to its fullest potential.

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